Free language learning resources on the net


Professionally produced sites with lots of activities

1. Bell

There are lots of free language learning activities and games at Bell English.  You will need to register and you will also need to download the Macromedia Shockwave player.  Highly recommended.


2. The British Council

There is a wealth of excellent free grammar and vocabulary activities, games, songs and so on at the British Council /BBC web site.  Highly recommended.


3. The BBC

There are lots of multimedia resources for English language learners at the BBC.  Students can learn English through the news, sports, songs and so on.  The site also has message boards and communities that learners can join

This US based web site has thousands of links to useful resources as well as its own resources


5. Quia has lots of free resources


6. Publisher sites


OUP teacher's club

OUP students club

Activities to accompany;

I spy - Primary



English File

Natural English

The good grammar guide

Business vision



CUP teacher resources

CUP student resources



C. Longman

Resources index for teachers and students


D. Macmillan


Teacher produced pages for students

From Spain the excellent

From Japan

From Charles and Lawrence Kelly


Teacher produced sites for teachers

Here are a few sites run by teachers.  Lots of practical ideas and links.

Links, explanations and information





Bell English Online - Some listening activities available.  Needs the Shockwave player.


Listening activities for ESL students.  Needs Real Audio.


Interactive listening comprehension practice.  Only has four texts to date and they are all high level.  Real audio required.


Takako's great adventure - a listening adventure with text and audio available


Randall’s cyber listening lab has lots of listening activities.  You will need a Real Player


English listening lounge.  Requires Real Audio and only some are free!


Real player's guide to all their audio and video resources.



Lots of excellent listening links for teachers at


News sites

BBC audio and video resources.  The audio does not require a downloaded player but the video requires real player.


On-line news hour.  Hourly news from PBS in the USA.  Needs Real Audio for audio but video has the choice of Real player or Windows Media Player.  Video has scrolling text.


You can listen to audio news in English (and many other languages) at this website through your Windows media player or through Real Player.



Search on Google.  Copyright!



English at home has suggestions for improving your spoken English



Okanogan University College has lots of pronunciation activities and games at this Canadian site.  You will need a Shockwave player.


Tongue twister database


Tongue twisters from the BC


An amazing collection of links to pronunciation sites on the web.  An excellent resource.


About has lots of pronunciation links




About has lots of good links to reading sites.


Bell English Online - There are some reading activities on the Bell pages


Impact On-line.  Reading texts with activities for students.  Not interactive.


Read a book at the Internet public library  


Soon On-line magazine.  Texts but no activities and all evangelical Christian stories!


Visit this bookshop for reviews and recommended books

“This site ... is designed to help people whose first language is not English learn to read a daily English-language newspaper...”

Up-to-date articles, essays, opinions, books and news from the world of the Arts.

Features, opinions, articles, news and books from the world of science and technology.

A compilation of well-known fairytales, with annotated versions, similar versions, and histories.



About has lots of links to writing sites.


The cyrano server


Dave’s ESL café graffiti wall


The electric poster


Guide to writing a grammar & Paradigm On-line writing assistant


Purdue On-line writing lab web server home page


Writing den


On-line handout from The University Writing Center at Texas Tech University.

Analysing the title, gathering information, organising information, FAQs on writing

Pizzaz writing project


Key pal sites

Find an electronic pen pal at these sites.


Intercultural E-mail Classroom


eMail Classroom Exchange


Intercultural E-mail Classroom Connections


International E-mail Tandem Network

Connections Buddy Project


Keypal opportunities


Linguistic Funland



Cambridge International Dictionary of English


Longman International English Dictionary

CD. 30 day trial available from the web site.


Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary

CD. Another good dictionary with sound for learners to hear words and lots of games.  Visit the web site for a taster



Lots of games and quizzes at


Free resources for students to use with Longman dictionaries at the address below.  Thee are three levels of vocabulary activities; challenging, intermediate and easier. However, you do need to register first.


English at home has lots of free vocabulary activities


Hong Polytechnic University has lots of free vocabulary exercises including crosswords


TESL J has lots of vocabulary activities


Hong Kong Polytechnic University has lots of vocabulary exercises


A collection of interesting vocabulary activities can be found at


Some very interesting activities at better-english



CNN has a large number of grammar activities


Better English




Edunet has a good grammar guide



English forum






Cambridge exams    (... pass-english-exams is a suite of multimedia software for students preparing for the Cambridge exams FCE, Advanced, Proficiency and BEC.     ... free downloadable demo version)

·       UCLES

For general information about the five Cambridge exams look at the UCLES web site.


·       Flo-joe

Has some FCE and CAE exam papers for you to try





·       TOEFL exercise

5 reading passages / one structure activity available for free.  Not interactive.  Might be best used by teachers as a print out.


·       English test Prep.

A Canadian site that has some free TOEFL  material.  Sample materials for reading. Listening and Structure papers are available.  Plays through Shockwave so the listening material is available.


·       Stuff Media

Some TOEFL practice materials available but not indexed.  Structure and written Expression only.  Playable through Shockwave.


·       University of Science and Technology of China

Some free activities for Sections 1, 2 and 3 of the exam.  Not at all interactive and the listening is just the tapescript on screen ( a reading test in reality ! ).  A source of extra practice material for both teachers and students.





·       The Official IELTS home page

Lots of information and some free sample activities available.  These are not interactive and may be best used by the teacher printing them and using them as extra practice.  Copyright is an issue.


·       Adams and Austen Press

One free reading, writing, listening and speaking paper.  Five other sample papers can be ordered but not viewed. The listening material requires RealPlayer to be downloaded and is therefore unusable on our network.  Another set of papers are currently being prepared and should be available soon.


·       Holmesglen Institute

Lots of information about the exam and question types with practice material for reading, writing, listening and speaking ( watch out for the occasional error ! ). The practice activities can only be completed on line. The listening material is limited to part of a lecture but is available through Windows Media Player.

This is an excellent resource and is recommended.