A / AN -------> NO PLURAL.

                   THE -------- plural --------> THE

 Use  a / an to say what people's professions or jobs are.



    a. Do not use  THE  (with plural and uncountable nouns) to talk about things in general.

         Health is precious. Life is not easy. Time is money.

   b. Singular countable nouns  ALWAYS  with articles.

                the house             a house

          the bottle of milk     a bottle of milk

   c. Use  A / AN to say what people's professions or jobs are.

        Liz Tailor is an actress. I would like to become a doctor.

             .I'm  a waiter/ I'm  an  architect. 

        .I'm a bank manager / She's a writer / He's a singer...

 But in plural NO article:

                     .They're nurses.

  d. Use THE if you say that you play/ learn some music instrument:

        .I can play the piano/ I like playing the guitar.

           .Does Mary like playing the saxophone?

  e. Don't use the article with the names of games:

            .I usually play chess in the evenings

           .Does he like playing football?

  f. Compare:

           .It's  A  very big town.    She's  A  good-looking girl.

           .It's very big.             She's good-looking.

  g. Articles are not normally used in genitive expressions when the first word is a proper name.

                    .I didn't read THE book of Peter yet.

                   .To-morrow, I'll give back Peter's book. 


                               A / AN

     A camera         AN airport         [ A  +  consonant sound ]

     A hamburger      A university       [ AN +  vowel sound ]

     AN exercise      A one-man band

     AN uncle         A uniform

     AN hour          AN honest man

     A horse          A hotel


    The use of English articles is complicated. We have given you some essential rules. Practice will help you to learn their use.


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