His/her birthday is IN January. / His/her birthday is ON January 21.

 MONTHS ----> Capital letters (Uppercase letters)

 William Shakespeare was born at Stratford-upon-Avon in 1564, and he died on 23 April 1616.



 Dates are expressed by ordinal numbers.  

Example: You can write: 

               31 March 1992

               March 10        March 10th       10th of March

               10 March        10th March       March the 10th.

 But you say:

 a. Thirty-first of March, nineteen ninety-two (or nineteen hundred and ninety-two).

 b. March the tenth./ The tenth of March etc.

   BC (= Before Christ)  Years before the Christian era.

   AD (= Anno Domini, in the year of the Lord) Years dating from the Christian era.



We say: She plays THE guitar/ THE piano...

Question: How old is he/she?  How old are you? :  .- She/he's twenty years old/ She/he's twenty.

                I'm fifteen years old/ I'm fifteen.


Study this point of grammar:

PREFER (doing) something to (doing) something else. 

PREFER (to do) something rather than (do) something else.

                -I prefer riding to work to walking.

                -I prefer to ride to work rather than walk

                -I prefer this red car to that green one.

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