1. Personal pronouns

                                        Subject                Object

 Singular:    1st person           I                     me

                   2nd   "               you                   you


                                             he                     him

                    3rd   "              she                    her

                                            it                        it

                                       Subject                Object

Plural:       1st   "                 we                    us

                 2nd   "                you                   you

                 3rd   "                they                  them

          The old form of the second person singular is:  

                           THOU (subject)      THEE (object)



 2. Possessive adjectives               Possessive pronouns 

                  my                                                       mine

                 your                                                     yours

            his/her/its                                               his/hers

                our                                                        ours

               your                                                      yours

              their                                                      theirs

       ONE'S  is the possessive adjective of the pronoun  ONE.

          The old form of the second person singular is:

            THY (adjective)                                THINE (pronoun)

 3.  Vocabulary

 drop, drops, dropping, dropped. (Verb) 

1. If you drop something, you let it fall. 2. If something  drops, it falls straight down.

 A tail is the part of an animal, bird, or fish that grows out from the end of its body.

1.2 A long part of something which sticks out from the back of it like a tail. Eg "He ran into the street, the tails of his shirt flying...

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